To facilitate the Australian Defence Force’s (‘ADF’) key objective of modernising its bulk fuel storage and distribution capability, the Commonwealth is collaborating with Australian industry by issuing a tender for its Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution (‘DBFD’) System under Joint Project 8190 (JNT08190PH1).

Joint Project 8190 aims to provide the ADF with a new, state of the art deployable bulk fuel system to support joint force and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (‘HADR’) operations. The capability will allow for storage, distribution, and delivery of bulk amounts of fuel at locations throughout Australia and overseas. UGL is tendering to be the Integrated Managing Contractor (‘IMC’) for the DBFD system.

Should UGL be successful in our bid to be DBFD systems IMC, we would be accountable for the design and delivery of all elements necessary to:

  1. provide mobile infrastructure to store, distribute and dispense fuel to military assets in the field;
  2. monitor and control fuel within the DBFD to maintain appropriate:
    • quantities (stored and dispensed);
    • quality; and
    • safety standards (including environmental); and
  3. provide support services to:
    • repair, maintain and replace all systems;
    • support surge capability;
    • provide user training; and
    • otherwise deliver general operational support.

As we develop our proposal to the Commonwealth, a core consideration for UGL is to ensure that we maximise opportunities for Australian industry.  To support this aim, UGL has engaged the ICN to seek Expressions of interest (‘EoI’) from prospective suppliers of the products and services described below. Should UGL be successful in its bid to be the IMC for the DBFD, the information gained through this EoI will inform the sourcing of these products and services.

The Commonwealth is expected to award a multi-year contract to the successful IMC in 2022.


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